Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family in Vandalia, Ohio

Disaster Response Team

The purpose of DRT is to be immediately available to aid the local congregation(s) in a disaster stricken area in recruiting and receiving volunteers to assist with the emotional and spiritual needs of disaster victims and to assist them in the clean-up and rebuilding stage. DRT purchases food that is served to entire communities in disaster areas as well as building materials, household supplies, tools, debris removal, etc. for those without / under insured. Headquartered in the Vandalia and Huber Heights community, DRT has served this area and all over the U.S.

Embrace Grace

Embrace Grace provides love and encouragement to single and pregnant young women and their families. Women experiencing unexpected pregnancies receive practical, spiritual, and emotional support through our support groups.


Mid-Western Children's Home in Cincinnati

Potter Children's Home in Bowling Green, KY

Wellston Church of Christ

Located in southeastern Ohio, the city of Wellston is a small town that is struggling. We partnered with the Wellston church of Christ to make an impact locally, where we can be hands on and provide encouragement, and spiritual & financial support. We periodically go to Wellston to teach and lead service. This ministry has become a blessing to Wellston as well as to us as we help them grow.

World English Institute

World English Institute has a dual mission and purpose. Their missions is to teach English to people, free of charge, in order to help them communicate effectively and to gain upward mobility in a world market using the English language. Their mission is also to lead people to higher ground spiritually by using Bible stories to illustrate English grammar. Their purpose is to replace violence with peace, corruption with integrity, division with unity, evil with good, and hatred with love for people throughout the world by sharing this Good News to all of humankind. Many of our members have partnered with WEI as teachers.