Classes & Studies

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We are open! We can't wait to see you!

Sunday worship at 10:30 am

Adult Class: Kings of Israel & Judea (auditorium): Sunday at 9:30 am

THRIVE (20s-40s) Class: Ya'll Ain't Living Right - A Study of Christian Ethics (bldg 2): Sunday at 9:30 am

Teens Class: God Are You Really There? (teen room bldg 2): Sunday at 9:30 am

Pre-Teens Class: Be Bold (bldg 3): Sunday at 9:30 am

Children's Classes: (infant - 3rd grade in bldg 2): Sunday at 9:30 am

Wednesday Bible Class (all ages): 7 pm

Studies & Videos

Many options are available for study, here are a few.

Be sure to check our YouTube page! New content is added throughout the week. Subscribe and hit the notification bell so you will know when we load new videos!

RightNow Media has many great studies and videos for the entire family: Click here to get a free account as a gift from us!

Is Genesis History:

Answers In Genesis has many great articles and videos:

Answers In Genesis has launched their own streaming service! There is a lot of great content for adults and kids:

The Chosen: or

The Atheist Delusion Movie:

Evolution vs. God:

C.S. Lewis & Intelligent Design:

C.S. Lewis Doodle - essays by C.S. Lewis with doodles to make them easier to understand:

Bible Project: